Hi…As a wife and mother..I consider myself very lucky. I feel as though I have been living quite a few lives by now…and all of them were necessary to lead to where I am today. As a child, living in Brooklyn, my life was school, grandparents, parties, and fun. Then we moved out of Brooklyn,, and went to Long Island. Life changed dramatically. I went to college..and made new friends, went to college parties,,and had fun. Then I worked..as a teacher. Life dramatically changed again. This time I was on the other side of the desk. I helped children with emotional and learning disabilities in a wonderful school district. I learned more about life through my students over twenty five years of teaching, and was very luck to have helped many thrive and grow. It was simply wonderful. Then I got married…yes..later in life. It was the best. Had my child. stayed married…and it’s still a blast….20 odd years later. Life has its ups and downs of course. My parents passed away..my relatives are no longer part of my life since everyone is either married and moved away or died. However, now I blog, play golf, paint, take care of my home-family-pets, stay spiritual, and when my husband retires we hope to add traveling to that mix.

So here is my blog. I have found a spiritual awakening due to a Near Death Experience. If you go to my You Tube channel I go into depth there. However all I can say is: it changed my life. I can say with authority that there is something after this life. Its good. Its mysterious..and its inevitable. It has inspired me to delve into the mystical side of life. I hope to expand this blog with different pages, as I continue to explore my life and its relationship to God. Hope you follow along and enjoy it.

I owe all my good luck and optimism on my connection to God all throughout my life. My connection has never wavered. Life can be very difficult. I have had a few rough patches..but I try not to dwell on them. I try to move on. But I believe even the hard times will lead to good places…if you don’t lose your connection to God. Whenever you hit the rocky places..don’t become a druggie or alcoholic. Turn to prayer…speak to people who specialize in your particular problem..Find peace..search..and don’t ever give up..God will guide you. All you have to do whether you are in bad times or good is to: PRAY….READ THE TORAH….GIVE TO CHARITY…AND BE KIND TO OTHERS. Keep you anger in check too.
Guard your mind from all the outside influences that can lead you astray. Never stay part of the culture around you..its very depressing sometimes. Take care of your health..its a gift. Stay in JOY>

Hope you follow my blog.

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