Life is true, every step of it is divine. Only the emptiness is false.

There are paths we wish we never traveled; decisions we wish we never took; actions that we wrestle to tear out of our memory, rip out of our hearts with agony and remorse.

But it is never life that we reject. Life has meaning, life is good—not a moment of it can exist without a spark of truth throbbing somewhere within. Including that moment you regret. And where are life’s most precious diamonds to be found? Hidden in the shadows, or even buried deep below the mud.

We reject a thing that never was. Not life, but its shadow. Not the jewel, but the mud. From its birth it was not a thing, but an absence—that G‑d was not there within your heart at that time. Wash away that void with tears and there remains only a precious moment, a spark of life rescued from the deep earth.


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