TIMELINE. The following was taken from letters and speeches written by the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson from Brooklyn New York

1951: we are the last generation of the exile and the first of the new age.

1967: a mighty wind of return is blowing. The sound of a rams horn is heard. The souls of the young people are preparing for a time to come.

1990: the timeline for mankind , according to tradition, is divided into 6 millennium ,corresponding to the six days of creation. The seventh millennium, is beyond time.

According to this paradigm, the year 5751 of the Jewish calendar ,(October 1990 – September 1991), equates with high noon of the sixth day.

The year 5751 begins an entirely new era . Just as on Friday afternoon, we begin a mad rush to prepare for the seventh day, so too , all the wonders you will see is nature’s frenzy to prepare for a time beyond time.

We are about to enter what the ancient sages referred to as THE ERA OF THE MOSHIACH (Messiah)

Today’s date in the Jewish calendar is Adar I 12, 5774. (February 12, 2014)

Think Judaism is about tradition….well is not. According to Chabad it’s much more than that.
Because the tradition itself is about something much bigger. It’s about Abraham smashing his fathers idols. Moses liberating a people from slavery. Isaiah lecturing a war hungry civilization about world peace. It’s about changing the world to be a better place…..the way it’s supposed to be.

Every book of Torah is filled with that idea. Every mitzvah is a step toward making the world better.

Humanity has bought into that idea and the rays of a new dawn are beginning to shine.

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