This year I decided to break away from my past traditions. I no longer have my childhood family around.

My family, my husband, my son are my lovely and wonderful family now.  We are determines to make our own traditions.

My dad, grandparents,  aunts and uncles are no longer alive. My mom is too ill to partake in anything,  my brother and cousins are estranged and no longer keep in touch.

This year we are in Manhatten and having a GREAT TIME.

Christmas Eve was spent at a place in West Village called :ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA.  This place was Aaron BURR’S carriage house in the 1700’s. Do you know what he was famous for?   He killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel!   But even more interesting this restaurant is one of the most haunted places in  New York city. It is said multiple ghosts haunt it. His daughter was captured by pirates and made to walk the plank.. she has been seen here as an apparition along with her father and a black gentlemen.  Many people have experienced these strange happenings. Employees have been so frightened they quit. But mostly people report they are friendly and harmless. 

The food was excellent.  Price fix menus with unbelievably great choices including Beef Wellington.

It is also one of the most romantic restaurants.

I recommend it as a wonderful  experience.  They had a great jazz band at the bar and the customers were all very friendly and fun. Service was top notch.




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