There is a body, a soul,  and then there is the essence. If the soul is light then the essence is the source of light.  If the soul is energy then the essence is the generator. It is not something you have, it is who and what you are.

Whatever we do,  we dance around that essence core,  like an orbiting spacecraft unable to land. We can meditate, we can be inspired, —-but to touch our inner core, the place beyond whence all this comes, that takes a power from beyond.

That is why there are seasons in life powered from beyond. Special days and special nights,  times of crisis,  and times of joy that can touch the core. At other times, you can step forward. At those times, you can leap into a new form of being.

(Taken from writings of the Rebbe, Rabbi M.M. Schneerson)

Introduce your children to the concept of seasons and it connection to the source of all life. My book series is called ONE Nothing Exists But God.  The Book One –FALL is out. Buy it on Amazon.


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