On Rosh Hashanah God takes himself to court.  He looks down on earth from above,  and I am sure you realize it doesn’t always look good.

God is within this world as well. He is found in every atom of this world. It may sound strange but this is what is happening : He as He above takes Himself, as He is present within  this world … trial.

Only the soul of man can argue on his behalf. So we do that as lawyers for the defense. All that is required  is that we awaken the Godliness within our own souls.

The spark of God within us below connects  with the Infinite light of God above . The circuit is complete and the universe is rebooted with a fresh flow of energy for an entire year.


If you want your children to start school with the knowledge that God is there for them at all times then buy my book and teach them.


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