A famous rabbi of old once said : Envy Lust and Honor drive a man from this world.

He also said :Those who are born will die and the dead will live.  The living will be judged,  to learn,  to comprehend that He is God, He is the creator,  He is the comprehender,  He is the judge, He is the witness,  He is the plaintiff,  and He will judge.  Blessed is He,  for before Him their is no wrong, no forgetting no favoritism, no taking of bribes : know that everything is according to the reckoning.

Let not your heart convince you that your grave is your escape : for against your will you were formed,  against your will you were born,  against your will you live,   against your will you will die,  and against your will you are destined to give a judgement and an accounting of all your life before the king,  the king of all kings,  the Holy One,  blessed be He.


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